Our Team

The Jhamtse Gatsal Ama las (housemothers) dressed up in traditional Monpa and Tibetan attire.

The dedication of the staff of Jhamtse Gatsal, guides and sustains our work. They are the foundation for the rich and loving community atmosphere. Everyone plays a crucial role in the development and growth of the children, contributing not only their skills and work but also their love and care.

Founder, Venerable Lobsang PhuntsokLobsang Phuntsok

Venerable Lobsang is the founder and Director of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community. He is from the remote area where the Community is located in northeastern, India. Read Lobsang’s bio to learn more about him.

Ama las (House Mothers)

Currently, four Ama las work around the clock, each caring for a family of 20 children and the family’s house. They are examples of love and compassion. Learn about family life at the Community.

Tenzin Choikey (Panggyen house)

Tenzin Choikey
(Panggyen House)

Tsering Yangzom (Ganglha house)

Tsering Yangzom
(Ganglha house)

Dorjee Lhamu (Serchen house)

Dorjee Lhamu
(Serchen house)

Sumcho (Gurkum house)

(Gurkum house)


Our full-time teachers teach six core subjects, six hours a day and four extracurricular subjects in the afternoon. On Saturdays they are found working with students on many different experiential education projects, along with the other staff and volunteers. Learn about the education of the children.

Gombu Lhamu

Gombu Lhamu, Head Teacher (Social, Science)

Tsetan Sangpo

Tsetan Sangpo

Minoti Singha

Minoti Singha
(K–2 – all subjects)

Ankita Sanyan

Ankita Sanyan
(Social Studies)

Anita Kumari

Anita Kumari

Kalvinder Singh

Kalvinder Singh

Tenzing Yangi

Tenzing Yangi (Tibetan Music & Dance, Bhoti)

Lham Dorjee

Lham Dorjee (Traditional Monpa & Tibetan Dance)

Soorya Hariharan (Math)

Soorya Hariharan

Apoorwa Hooda (Science)

Apoorwa Hooda

Ishika Das (English)

Ishika Das

Nidhi Iyer (Elementary Education)

Nidhi Iyer
(Elementary Education)

Manish Dubey

Manish Dubey

Nabila Kazmi (Science)

Nabila Kazmi

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff wake up at 4am each day to tirelessly provide healthy and balanced meals three times a day for the many children, staff members and volunteers. Learn about our food & gardening.

Tenzin Dakpa

Tenzin Dakpa
(Kitchen Manager)

Phool Maya

Phool Maya
(Kitchen Staff)

Lum Chotton

Lum Chotton
(Kitchen Staff)

Dawa Tsering

Dawa Tsering
(Kitchen Staff)

Support Staff

Our support staff take care of maintenance, construction, and grounds, keeping all the Community’s facilities running smoothly. Learn about our current facilities and our future facilities plans.

Dorjee Lama (Transportation Manager)

Dorjee Lama
(Transportation Mgr)

Lham Dorjee (Campus Manager)

Lham Dorjee
(Campus Manager)

Ngawang Namgyal (Maintenance Manager)

Ngawang Namgyal
(Maintenance Manager)

Passang Norbu (Mason)

Passang Norbu

Pradip Sutradhar (Carpenter)

Pradip Sutradhar

Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff manage the office, communication, and financial responsibilities of the Community.

Venerable Lobsang Phuntsok (Director)

Venerable Lobsang Phuntsok (Director)

Vasudha Wanchoo (Managing Director)

Vasudha Wanchoo
(Managing Director)

Teke Subba (Secretary, Accounts Manager)

Teke Subba (Secretary, Accounts Manager)

Saurabh Sharma (Administrative Assistant)

Saurabh Sharma
(Administrative Assistant)



Our diverse group of international volunteers supports the staff and faculty in many ways. At any given time, there can be between one and ten volunteers at the Community. They have varied in age: from 15 to 75 years old. They have stayed for varying lengths of time, from a few weeks to over a year. Volunteers have come from many countries, from Argentina to Switzerland.

Volunteers are an integral part of helping us achieve our mission, have done many different projects and tasks related to:

  • Teaching core subjects
  • Teaching extracurricular subjects
  • Helping with publicity
  • Fundraising
  • Assisting with technology
  • Gardening
  • Providing medical care
  • Cooking and helping in the kitchen
  • Assisting with construction
  • Assisting with renewable energy projects
  • Assisting with special events
  • and Much more.

Learn more about past volunteers, volunteer opportunities and how to become a volunteer.