It Takes a Family to Support a Child

By offering your love, care, and financial support, you can open a whole world of possibilities to a child otherwise denied the most basic needs. Single sponsorships can start at ₹26,000 ($400 USD) per year, or just over ₹70 ($1 USD) a day. The money goes directly toward the cost of providing a loving home, nutritious food, healthcare and a good education for each child.

Our goal for each child goes far beyond survival. Our expectation is that the children of Jhamtse Gatsal will heal, thrive and blossom in the Garden of Love and Compassion. We envision them as leaders equipped with a kind heart and an awakened mind who will not only positively impact their community and this remote region, but also the world.

At Jhamtse Gatsal, children live in family houses with brothers and sisters and a house mother, who is dedicated to their nurturance and emotional wellbeing. The Community is a regional model of excellence in child care, quality academic and experiential education, cultural preservation, environmental conservation as well as health and hygiene.

We encourage our sponsors to continue their support until their sponsored children complete their education and are ready to be independent. All sponsored children will have the opportunity to follow their interest, which may include university education, vocational training or both. Whether our children decide to pursue further education or return to their village, we prepare them to lead their lives as compassionate citizens of the world with academic and practical skills to assist them in their paths.

Sponsors have the opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with their sponsored children, who also feel strongly connected to their sponsors. The children are inspired and uplifted knowing that someone from afar cares about them.

 As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • A welcome packet with information about your sponsored child and a photograph of him or her.
  • Periodic letters from your child and the opportunity to correspond with him or her.
  • An annual progress report with updated information about your child.
  • New photos to let you see your child grow and change.

The sponsorship program is structured around the principle “It takes a family to support a child and a community to support the family.” Thus, our goal is to have every child supported by multiple sponsors at a minimum of ₹26,000 ($400 USD) each annually to enable our children to have all of the necessary support and skills to blossom into their fullest potential.

Jhamtse Gatsal sponsorWe welcome sponsors from all over the world. Sponsors from USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and India can connect with registered supporting Jhamtse organizations in the respective countries, by means of which they can make donations in their own currencies, receive tax deductions* as well as personalized support for any questions that they may have. Sponsors from any of the other countries are currently managed by Jhamtse International in the USA.

News about and notes from sponsors are treasures. Just knowing you are there, thinking about and caring for them in particular, is itself a huge excitement and comfort. The emotional support of your presence, from my experience with the children, is as valuable as the financial support you provide.Sandy (Former Sponsorship Coordinator)

As a sponsor, you are also welcome to visit your sponsored child at Jhamtse Gatsal, a visit that is sure to make a lasting difference in your life as well as the life of your sponsored child. To arrange a visit to the community, please contact us.

*The non profit organization in India is awaiting its approval for the Income Tax Department to be able to offer tax deductible receipts.

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