Our Children

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We believe that the world can be profoundly improved through the active practice of love and compassion. This is reflected in our work to help improve the lives of children. Our wish is that every child receives proper physical, mental, and loving compassionate care. Our wish is that all children grow up to become healthy, kind human beings. We believe this will bring positive change in the world.

We seek out children who are in critical need to come live, learn and receive care at our Community. The children who live at Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community are amazing individuals, each with a unique story!

Their Background Life in the Villages

Most of the children at Jhamtse Gatsal come from the Monpa tribe, an ethnic group closely related to Tibetans, residing in a region that straddles the Indo-Tibetan border. Life in Monpa villages is often very difficult. Like all children, our Community children need:

  • Emotional Security – Many of our children have lost one or both parents, or have been neglected, abused, or exploited.
  • Education – Schooling in the villages is often unavailable, erratic, or lacks adequate resources such as trained teachers.
  • Nutritious Food – Many suffer from malnutrition and have even run the risk of starvation.
  • Healthcare – Access to clean water, reliable healthcare and preventative medicine in remote villages often means greater risk from even simple medical concerns.
  • Cultural Preservation – Rapid modernization and lack of respect for the simple lifestyle in Monpa villages are resulting in loss of the Monpa culture and language.

The need in the villages is great. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate as many children in our Community as we wish we could help. Through our Community Outreach efforts, we strive to help an even greater number of children in the villages of our surrounding region.

Selection Process

The children of Jhamtse Gatsal are carefully selected to join the Community through an extensive village survey of the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India. As finances allow, it is our wish to select a new class of approximately 15 students each year, based on individual situations of need.

We solicit recommendations from community leaders of the children in greatest need. First preference is always given to orphaned or abandoned children. In recent years, we have been limited to accepting only a very few of the most desperate cases, due to lack of consistent funds that would allow us to grow and expand. Contributions of any size bring us closer to the goals of our mission. Donate today!

Selection interview.

Life For The Children Now

The opportunity for the children to come to Jhamtse Gatsal is more than just a chance to attend school. They are provided a safe and nurturing environment in which they can live, learn, and grow freely. We try to meet their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs, in the context of sensitivity to their own culture. Dedicated teachers and staff empower the children with important academic skills and practical knowledge to prepare them for a bright future.

By living in this close-knit Community and supporting each other as family, the children develop their innate qualities of love, compassion, and wisdom, and practice integrating these principles into all aspects of their daily lives.

The education, care and everything our children receive at our Community are provided at no cost to them, their family or their village. Everything we do at Jhamtse Gatsal comes into being by the devotion of our teachers and staff – and by the astonishing generosity of our friends and supporters throughout the world.

Their Future

Our hope is that as we guide and nurture the children in this “garden of love and compassion,” they will flower into their innate, natural goodness. As we prepare the children for higher education or vocational training programs, we are enabling and inspiring them to become a generation of leaders that will bring positive change in this region in powerful ways, resulting in a better world.

Future medical professionals