Community Outreach

Vermicomposting Workshop

Not only is Jhamtse Gatsal a place of learning for all of the student residents, but we also endeavor to be a model school, a model community and a vibrant resource and support for the people of our region.

We are constantly seeking solutions to the problems faced by our neighboring villages. We want to be a Learning Center and share information and strategies in the areas of education, healthcare, childcare & parental guidance, cultural & spiritual traditions, organic gardening & sustainable living, and entrepreneurship. Through our Community Outreach, we strive to improve the well-being of all of our neighbors.

Needs of the Villages

Monpa Village NeedsMany villages in this remote region lack basic necessities such as:

  • Emotional Security – They need help to support children who have lost parents.
  • Education – School is often unavailable or they have inadequate learning resources.
  • Nutritious Food – Many villagers suffer from malnutrition and even risk of starvation.
  • Healthcare – Access to clean water, reliable healthcare and preventative medicine in remote villages often means greater risk from even simple medical concerns.
  • Cultural Preservation – The beautiful and distinct local culture is at risk of being lost and forgotten.
  • Sustainable Living – Rapid growth in the region means that guidance toward environmentally friendly solutions in areas such as clean water, power, and garbage & sewage disposal are often needed.

Finding Solutions

In any project we undertake, we seek to identify and understand the problems within individual communities by working with community leaders to determine their own needs. It is our aim to support their efforts in any way we can, while inspiring them to find solutions to their problems.

Educational Outreach
Educational Outreach

In the local villages, the schools & teachers face many hurdles to consistent and meaningful education.

We endeavor to assist the teachers of these community schools in their aim to uplift the communities in which they work.

It is our hope to make a positive difference by sharing our educational resources, and by creating a strong group of local teachers who empower and support each other.

Agricultural Outreach
Agriculture Outreach

The villages in our region depend on good, simple, and sustainable farming practices for their very survival.

As we gain new knowledge in this area ourselves, it is our desire to share useful techniques with our village neighbors for growing clean, healthy food more easily and abundantly. We have been fortunate to have the support of the District Agricultural & Horticulture Officers, and have already hosted a few workshops.

Some areas that we are interested in learning more about, gaining experience in, and then sharing via our Outreach Program include vermiculture, composting, drip irrigation, greenhouse gardening, rainwater harvesting, seed saving, food preservation, and other organic gardening techniques. This is an area where skillful volunteers are much needed! It is our hope that a collective increase in knowledge and skills can make agriculture in this region both profitable and sustainable.

Healthcare Outreach
Healthcare Outreach

When we have volunteer medical personnel come to the Community we invite villagers to come to our Community clinic for checkups and medical assistance.

We also have ambitions to create a health clinic on campus, with a goal to make whatever healthcare we provide for our own Community members available to our village neighbors as well. In this way, we hope that we can contribute to improvements in regional access to healthcare.

Future Outreach Plans

Our long-term hope is to ensure that each village is able to sustainably meet its basic needs. We plan to work with villagers to help them establish village community centers where residents can have access to education, healthcare and vocational training that is not now available to them.